Parish Hall

Our Parish Hall is situated at 22 Main South Road and because of the earthquakes is at present being used as our Church.

We currently use the hall on Sundays at 8 and 9.30 am and Wednesdays at 10 am.
It is also used for many of our Parish groups.

Hiring the Parish Hall

We do have many parish group bookings for the hall. When it isn’t being used for the parish activities it is free for other community groups to hire. It has an up-to-date kitchen, good heating and wooden floor. A new ramp and canopy has been built onto the parish hall and this is of great benefit to all who visit – especially young children, those in wheelchairs, the elderly and to keep all dry in the inclement weather.

Enquire About Hall Hire

Please phone the office on (03) 348 5653 or email us by clicking on the button below.